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"SiteMontazh": one of the leading companies in the construction and maintenance of communication facilities within the Siberian Federal Territory.

Company description

"Site-Montazh"Company has been in the telecommunication service market since 2006. Today the Company implements an integrated approach in the construction, re-construction and maintenance of line telecommunication and wireless communication facilities, including the following:

  • analysis of customer needs and further proposal implementation in the construction of new facilities, as well as, the updating and maintenance of existing ones;
  • optimal selection of project design and detailed engineering-economic study embracing customer requirements;
  • complete project cycle;
  • construction-installation activities, including complete logistic cycle and project management, involving EPC contractor;
  • year-round maintenance of existing facilities, including emergency response – restoration operations and further procedure measures.


The Company maintains a high professional level of its employees, i.e.

- essential certificates and permits;

-  extensive experience ; and

- furtherprofessionaltraining


We are able to meet all quality requirements to operation due dates stated by either the Customer or regulatory organizations.


The basic fundamental principles of the Company:

  • target- justify our Partners' confidence;
  • partnership- based on mutual respect, trustworthy relationship and mutual benefit;
  • future plans- develop and set up modern production, as well as, expansion into new markets.


Company policy is to further the development  andquality improvement of proposed services , updating variable problem-solving tasks and implementation of sophisticated technology.

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The Government prohibits subscribers changing from one mobile network operator to another and retaining their mobile telephone number at the same time.     


Izvesti 's report of  17.04.2013 - MTS, Megafon, Beeline have conducted three-party negotiations  in bulk SMS-SPAM countermeasures, the results of which  will be the absolute blocking of advert