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"SiteMontazh": one of the leading companies in the construction and maintenance of communication facilities within the Siberian Federal Territory.

The Government prohibits subscribers changing from one mobile network operator to another and retaining their mobile telephone number at the same time.     
Ministry of Communications has prepared a government regulation draft- Code of Mobile Communication Service. This draft is within the framework of the recently adopted legislative law of December 1, 2013, i.e. Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and states the routing of mobile user once it has been ported.It is determined that the mobile number transfer between operators should not last more than seven days, while break-in service of the subscriber in this case should not exceed more than one day.  However, the user can not enjoy his\her freedom from the "mobile bondage" indefinitely. MNP embraces only the entities of the Federation – regions, territories or republics. Changing from one mobile operator to another every few days will be impossible- the term of agreement would be six months and not less.