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"SiteMontazh": one of the leading companies in the construction and maintenance of communication facilities within the Siberian Federal Territory.

Installation of electric power supply system equipment of up to 1000v


Full service package of electric installation, including the following:

1. design of electric power supply system and illumination in accordance with local buliding requirements  and GOST; 

2. design approval in corresponding power-supply and energy-generating companies, as well as, Customer technical services. The design-project is adjusted to the requirements of approving authority demands.

3. implementation of installation and construction operations in electric power supply systems (electric installation, electric installation work) in accordance to design project. Installation is conducted by highly-qualified teams in tight deadlines and corresponding high-performance.

4.delivery of equipment and materials in electric power supply systems

5. industrial assembly of switchboard equipment with certification

6. testing and instrumentation control within the framework of in-house electric laboratories plus standard technical data report (measurement of wire and cable insulation resistance and winding electrical machines and devices, circuit testing between grounds and ground elements of the electric installation, testing of “zero-phase” circuit, testing of automatic instantaneous release switches in electric installations, measurement of contact voltage in electrical equipment ground frame)

8. operation certificate

9. service of electric power supply system

10. survey works in electric power supply systems