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"SiteMontazh": one of the leading companies in the construction and maintenance of communication facilities within the Siberian Federal Territory.

Project development, construction of towers, utility poles and RBS.

Provision of  a complete package of project, installation, testing and commissioning operations  of communication facilities:

  • collection of initial data required for project and engineering;
  • procedure for technical specifications in arrangement and construction of communication centers;
  • procedure for land development permit;
  • front-end engineering design (FEED);
  • design specification;
  • design and engineering;
  • coordination and approval of design-estimate documentation;
  • procedure for expert project report;
  • construction and outfitting;
  • installation and start-up of power-supply system, air-conditioning system, fire-security alarm system, etc.;
  • installation, testing and commissioning of communication facilities;
  • execution of construction permit  in communication cable line infrastructure;
  • registration of turnover (executive) documentation;
  • registration of free-economic area (FEA) permit;
  • preparation  of ex-building documentation for Russian Communications Oversight Agency (Roskomnadzor).

SiteMontazhLLC executes the design - engineering and installation of 10-30m steel towers and 20-30m poles for cellular and radio-relay communication line equipment layout, as well as, other antenna systems. 

Towers are produced in single-metalwork product plants in accordance to existing engineering specifications and Federal technical requirements. Tower elements can be constructed from pipes or angular rolled metal sections.  Design-engineering construction solutions of antenna towers ( masts)and poles  are in accordance to existing specification documents and provide a high safe-health level.