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"SiteMontazh": one of the leading companies in the construction and maintenance of communication facilities within the Siberian Federal Territory.

Telecommunication is still one of the most important high-demanding type of communication. The characteristic feature of office telephone system – multi-service and multi-functional.

Mini-ATS has already become an integrated part of any modern enterprise. The applicative functional of today's mini-ATS include the following possibilities: integration into existing local area network, connecting billing system, cut down of enterprise expenses and control connection to remote subscriber.

Specialists of SiteMontazhLLC can not only evaluate the current demands of your enterprise, but also propose the optimal telephone station (considering its service and functional) modification, including different versions of either integration into existing system or design of local - area network. The wide nomenclature of  foreign and domestic equipment gives an option of selecting functional and economically-sound solutions in furthering the development of your enterprise. 

Installation and programming equipment is conducted by highly-qualified specialists and includes as service maintenance cycle to  fully satisfy all Customer claims.